Grassroot Organics

Grassroot Organics is a multi-generational family farm in Woodville Ontario (Kawartha Lakes).  Our focus here is the 2 acre market garden, followed by foraged wild edibles and heritage breed poultry.  We grow (too) many different types of vegetables, herbs and fruit – in passive greenhouses, coldframes, out in the fields, and under lights in the winter.  We sell the majority of our goods at a very busy farmers’ market in Toronto, to a handful of fine dining restaurants, and a small on-farm CSA.

We expect our interns to work full 8 (to sometimes 10) hour days, 5 days a week (sometimes 5.5 days a week!), in all types of weather, sometimes independently and sometimes as part of the farm work crew. Having some previous experience in vegetable production would be great, but a keen interest in learning the ins-and-outs of organic produce production works too.  We are a young family farm so working with/around children is a must.

We prepare our fields with a tractor, but once that is done much of our work is more on the hand-tool-close-to-the-soil kind of scale. Types of jobs/training interns should expect…

·         field preparations

·         cover cropping / crop rotation

·         crop planning

·         transplanting

·         irrigation crash course

·         seeding / potting up

·         harvesting/washing/packing of produce; post-harvest handling

·         weeding (using an assortment of tools/methods)

·         identification of plant health

·         general barn chores / poultry husbandry (including incubation/hatching)

·         help at a busy farmers’ market in Toronto

·         farm bookkeeping (if interested)

·         marketing / working with restaurants (if interested)

Interns are housed in a fully furnished apartment in the town of Woodville, about 6 km south of the farm.  This internship would work well for a single individual, a couple, or two good friends. We can provide a meal or two a day, and then produce and proteins from the farm, and then we will also pay you a bi-weekly stipend; the aim of the stipend is to off-set your living expenses, to try and achieve a ‘cost neutral’ learning experience.

We are a young group here with lots of spunk. So if you love the outdoors and getting your hands dirty this could be a really fun learning opportunity!

Contact Laura Boyd and/or Mark Trealout

[email protected]

Tel: 705 439 3372