Headwaters Community Farm

Welcome! We are Tony and Linda Armstrong, former city folk turned organic farmers. We bought our farm in the fall of 2012 to live a more peaceful and self-sustainable existence, closing the gap between field and table. Set in the rolling hills of Northumberland County, our 120-acre farm is a mixture of field, forest and wetland with a beautiful view of Lake Ontario.

With the help of our partners and volunteers, we have built polyculture vegetable gardens and food forests, grow field crops and raise 16 hives of bees, heritage laying and meat chickens, La Mancha goats and Highland beef cattle. We are using a variety of ecological farming methods integrated around the property following such important agro-theorists as Sepp Holzer (Permaculture), Joel Salatin (Regenerative Farming), Curtis Stone (Urban Farming), Jean-Martin Fortier (Intensive Market Gardening), Zach Loeks (Permaculture Market Gardening), Martin Crawford (Agroforesty), Elliot Coleman (Greenhouse Gardening) and Niki Jabbour (Winter Gardening).

Tyler Davis and Erin Bodashefsky of Foragers Farm have moved to Headwaters to develop an ambitious, forward-thinking ecological market garden business. Using the latest sustainable practices to build nutrient-rich beds, battle weeds and pests, and seed and cultivate for profitability, Tyler is stretching the boundaries to see a bountiful return on his one acre garden selling to markets both on-farm (farmgate, workshops, catering) and off-farm (farmer’s markets, health food stores, restaurants).

Headwaters Community Farm forms partnerships with people like Tyler so support sustainable living through our “feet on farm” philosophy. Our aim is threefold: to feed our family and workers fresh, whole, nutritious foods; to use sustainable methods of farming and living to protect our beautiful environment; and to open our farm to outside visitors to share in our bounty and to educate them about healthy eating, ecological farming practices and homesteading skills.

As part of our team, the Garden Intern will work exclusively with Tyler and a team of volunteers and will also be expected to help supervise and be a friendly and informative communicator with customers. We are looking for someone who is mature and genuinely seeking an ecological path of working with plants and becoming a farmer. Although the work is hard with long days outside in the natural elements, we hope you will have an appreciation and gratitude for the rewards this work brings and find love in what you do. We are looking for people with a can-do attitude, excited to experiment and learn though experience, working with others as well as spending time alone. We encourage you to express your needs, intentions, ideas and philosophies and be willing to resolve conflicts or differences of opinion through good communication.

Headwaters creates an inclusive community of workers who like to spend their free time together cycling, swimming at the Cobourg beach, hiking the forest or just relaxing around the bonfire, listening to music and sharing stories. There is always plenty of good food, fresh air and places to retreat and relax.

Commitment: 45-50 hours a week, Monday to Saturday, May 1 to October 31.

Room and board provided + $100 a week stipend

Contact: To apply, please send your resume to Linda Armstrong: [email protected] or phone 289-829-0343 for more information