Sun Root Organics

Sun Root Organics is a small-scale farm enterprise that aims to grow food responsibly, using ecologically sound agricultural practices that nurture both the land and the community that relies on this land for their nourishment. Sun Root provides a source of seasonal, fresh, locally and ecologically grown food for the Peterborough community.  Its produce is available at the Peterborough Downtown Farmers Market and in conjunction with By the Bushel Community Food Co-operative (of which it is a founding member).

Sun Root Organics – now in its 12th growing season – provides a unique growing and learning experience for potential part-time interns. Sun Root Organics farmer, Paula Anderson, lives and works in the heart of Peterborough, integrating greenhouse operations, herb and flower growing, composting, food preservation, seed saving, food/gardening education and much more into an ever evolving permaculture system on her own in-town property.

In addition, Sun Root Organics has a unique land tenure arrangement with Merrylynd Organic Farm – located 10 minutes away – where up to 2 acres of organic vegetables are grown.

Sun Root Organics offers a variety of types of internships:

  • 1 three-and-a-half-day per week internship, which includes farm training, room, farm food and/or stipend
  • 2 two day per week internships – for those living in the Peterborough area – which includes farm training and farm food and/or stipend.
  • we also offer on-farm volunteer experiences for those interested in learning more but can only dedicate a small but consistent amount of their time to learn and grow food.

Our internship positions offer an opportunity to engage in an innovative urban/rural  sustainable agriculture enterprise. Depending on the type of internship (length and days per week), the level of responsibility and depth of learning vary. However, all interns will have the opportunity to develop a personalized learning plan in conjunction with the farm and will have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the farm system from planning, budgeting, seeding, greenhouse work, planting, weeding, pest control, harvesting, seed saving, value added processing, marketing and much more

At Sun Root Organics we have a work hard, play hard, eat and rest well ethic.  Farm days are long… but don’t start too early. We car pool out to the farm, therefore interns and volunteers do not need to worry about their own transportation. We usually have a really good gang of folks to work with. We work hard and the work is physically demanding, but as the season progresses the fresh air, sunshine, good folks and good food will help all of us transition to being able to do this work with some ease.

If you are interested in getting your hands dirty and interning at Sun Root Organics please contact Paula Anderson, Sun Root Organics.

E-mail: pauladeniseanderson at gmail dot com