Willo’ Wind

Willo’ Wind is a 50-acre family farm committed to environmental sustainability and stewardship of the land. We’re located 1 hour north of Toronto in the rolling hills of Zephyr. We grow a 5 acre market garden, and raise numerous animals (sheep, goats, chickens, pigs, turkeys, ducks, and two draft horses).

The vegetables and meats produced are sold directly to consumers through a CSA and Farmers Markets in Uxbridge and Toronto. Apprentices on the farm get a diverse farm experience: On the market garden side; field preparation, planting and seeding, weed control, harvesting, processing, cover cropping, mulching, irrigation, marketing, and greenhouse management.

The livestock side of the farm introduces apprentices to all aspects animal husbandry. This includes chores (feeding watering animals, collecting eggs), milking goats/cheese making, rotational grazing, making feed, hay and compost.

Apprentices will also learn about food preservation,  draft horse power and native land restoration.

The farm property is also host to a Bed and Breakfast, and yoga/dance studio so it is a busy place. We offer room and board on the farm and a monthly stipend with year end bonus. Internships run from may until the end of August or October.

We are looking people with a serious interest in learning how to farm, and we will do our best to provide you with a rich learning experience that will help prepare you to start farming. We are looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to learn with hands-on experience, and we are friendly, flexible and open to accommodating different learning desires.

There are three intern positions available for  the 2020 season. If interested please contact us with a cover letter and resume, also please check out our website for more info and past interns experiences.

Contact: Adrian Stocking
Tel: 416 254 0835
E-mail: adrian@willowind.ca

Website: www.willowind.ca